Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pyper Lee Conlon

What a sweet little baby Pyper is...she is precious...see for yourself....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Feels like's cold tonight!!!

Hey why won't time slow down!!! Summer went so fast...It didn't even get that hot this summer!! Anyway I am still busy with seniors and I have a wedding this weekend. I am very behind with this blog. I am still having a great time with the seniors. They are all so unique and fun to be around!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anyone Else overshooting!!!

2010 Seniors are awesome!!! I just can't help myself...but then it takes me so long to edit and retouch...These seniors are just so great...I can't stop with the pictures...I have no idea of how they will choose!! Here are some seniors for this week. This is Sara...What a cute little thing she was...we had a blast!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seniors and Weddings...busy time!!!!

Getting ready to climb Mount Washington at the end of the month! I feel guilty when I take the time from work to climb the 1000 stairs to get in shape for the "Big Climb" But....I try to do something extreme everyday. I have been wearing a backpack with 30 lbs in it and climbing the stairs as fast as I can...What a workout!!!

Anyway, I wanted to put some new favs on here...I am having fun with my seniors...

Hey it feels like summer now....but it is the middle of will soon be over. Things will slow down here now..our kids will be busy with band and sports practice now till school starts and they take this serious...I think they even have a curfew!

Oh this is Jamie, she is a senior from Southern Huntingdon. She was so cute and loved black eyed susans...luck for me I had a little spot of them right here at my studio!!! I also put a couple photos of Brian from Mt Union. He brought his skate board,guitar and his football stuff. He is suffering in pre season football practice like all the other students in sports and band. It has been really hot too. I hope next week cools down for them!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Senior Portrait time!!!!

Wow, I have been having the greatest seniors..they are all so talented. Some in sports, some in music, some with computers, and on and on. They will go far when they graduate...I am sure of it!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


whoops ...missed some pictures

Adriane and Josh

Keep checking..for updates...I am working as fast as I can...I know everyone is too.. The picture of Adriane and her Uncle Bro...I love...Bro is holding back tears...I can see it!!

July stuff ...weddings with me!!!

This has been a crazy summer so far...first off it is hard to tell that it is summer....seems more like fall to me...except everything is still green!!! is July 3rd today!!!

I have been busy with weddings, seniors,dance with me pictures and family issues. My Dad has some things going on...he is 78 and needs to be looked after and my sister is having knee surgery this week..I am heading down to help her out with Luke for a copy of days..and I just got back from my niece Adriane's wedding in New Jersey...of course I did the husband Burgess gave her away! It was a very wonderful wedding...and emotional...I was crying a lot...of course what's new about that...I cry at every wedding!! I will get some on here asap along with some of my other favorite sessions of lately. Have a great 4Th of July and remember why we are celebrating. Ryan, hope all is well in Afghanistan. I am thinking of you always and I hope you are getting your packages we have been sending...I pray that you are all safe and will be seeing you soon. I just finished hanging my HUGE flag. God Bless Our Troops!!! by the way...the senior is Sara Smith(no not related) then we have Heather and John Holder and then Josh and neice and a Dance With Me package of the girls on point shoes...I love to see the girls in their point shoes!!